There are a number of reasons people work with personal trainers. Some want an individualized program so they can lose weight or get in shape. Maybe you just want to be held accountable, here’s how we can help.

A personal trainer will help you develop an exercise plan that is best for YOU and your goals. A trainer will push you harder than you will push yourself and will give you the motivation and tools to succeed with whatever fitness goals you may have.

Let us know if you’d like to set up a consultation with one of our trainers to see what’s best for YOU. Or click on the trainer’s contact info at the bottom of their trainer profile for more information.

Meet The Team

Ilze Myer

Attending Miami University Ilze received her Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, a Master of Science degree in Nutrition, Health Promotion and Behavior Change. Then obtained a graduate assistantship to teach upper level Exercise Physiology labs.
Ilze owns BodyByIlze Nutrition and Training. The business specializes in developing customized meal plans, workouts ad personal training specific to each client.

Competition History Highlights
2008 IFBB Grand Prix
            Runner up at South African Nationals
2008 NPC Cincinnati Overall Winner, qualified Arnold Classis 2009
            Runner up NPC Indianapolis
2009 NPC Pittsburg Winner

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Lori Davis

Lori’s journey from “fat to fit” began in 2011 after losing two friends to breast cancer. She was 100+lbs overweight and felt she needed to make a change.
After spending several years working on herself, she decided to share her love of fitness with others who have the aspiration to become a better stronger version of themselves.
Fitness and nutrition are a vital part of a healthy lifestyle. Lori focuses on quality over quantity. She want her clients to feel empowered, able to break through the barriers. With hard work, motivation, discipline and desire together we can accomplish your goals!
Lori also teaches bootcamp classes Monday nights at 7PM

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Christian Hensley